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Fall TV is fast approaching and with dozens of shows to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to watch and what to skip. 

TV critic and podcast host Mekeisha Madden Toby chats up her brilliant sister-in-law, Tasha Akitobi, on some of the best television offerings this season including "Atlanta" on FX and "Queen Sugar" on OWN. Both shows debut Tuesday Sept. 6. There are also groan-worthy offerings such as "Bull" on CBS. It premieres Sept. 20 and as the title implies, it is some real bull-ish. Poor Michael Weatherly. He deserves so much more. The two also talk about "The Good Place," "This Is Us" and "Timeless" on NBC and "Insecure" on HBO. 

Akitobi, is a friend to the show, a returning guest and a working wife and mom who makes the time to watch an impressive amount of TV. Together, the two also discuss hot-topic issues such as diversity, subjective journalism, and sexual violence against women on the small screen. At the end of the chat, the pair even grapple with the controversy surrounding the upcoming film "Birth of Nation" and whether or not it is possible to support the movie without supporting Nate Parker, the filmmaker behind the film. In case you haven't paid attention, Parker is embroiled in the fallout from a messy rape allegation from his past.

Don't miss this candid and often comical discussion. 

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