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For at least two seasons now some of us – including host Mekeisha Madden Toby  – have been hoping and praying the writers would make Michonne and Rick a couple but that dream is dead for the most part now that Rick is all booed up with Jessie. (Boo!) But that doesn't mean Michonne isn't arguably one of the strongest female characters on TV and one of the most complex African-American characters, made all the more so because of the brilliant woman playing her, Danai Gurira.

Recently, Gurira penned the powerful play “Eclipsed,” which stars Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and heads to Broadway in February. Meanwhile, the sixth and current season of “The Walking Dead,” which Mekeisha listed as the second best show of 2015 on HitFix’s annual critics’ poll, also returns in February.

In this interview from the "TV Madness" 2012 archives, Mekeisha and another reporter talked to Gurira just as she was joining the cast in season three. Here she talks about the show, Michonne’s deadly katana and more.  

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